Hashtags that Will Bring More Instagram Likes from Followers

Instagram is not just about posting filtered and compelling pictures. You need to find out ways to leverage their exposure and to gain more free Instagram followers. Tagging your pictures with good hashtags can rapidly help to reach the right follower base. There are a number of hashtags that are already popular on Instagram. You can use them too, but first, let’s understand the basic thing about Instagram hashtags first – why do you need a hashtag in the first place?

This is the Way Instagram Hashtags Work within the Instagram Platform

When a person searches for a particular topic on Instagram, you will notice that all trending searches are accompanied with a hashtag. The contents on Instagram are characterized with the help of hashtags. So when someone searches with a hashtagged word like #Rose, it is telling Instagram to open the image folders that fall under the rose.

The Importance of Using the Right Number of Hashtags

The number of hashtag usage in Instagram is less strict. In fact, you can tag along as many as 30 hashtags along with the Instagram picture. It might be difficult to determine which kind of hashtags will work the best on Instagram. That’s why here are two simple ways in which you can determine which kind of hashtags to use the most –

  • Looking at what type of hashtags influencers are being practiced by other industries and competitors
  • Tracking down the degree of engagement among your audiences when you are using all the hashtags differently

It’s also important to notice how the hashtags are being used. For example – if you find that your contemporaries are using not more than five to ten hashtags, then try doing the same.

Do not Throw Your Instagram Hashtags Randomly

That won’t help you anywhere when it comes to growing audiences on Instagram. This is true especially if you are trying to promote your brand. The initial setback that you are going to find when using hashtags is that no one is much aware of the brand name. In that case, you need to look around for hashtag names that are already very popular among the people and are best fit for promotion. Your hashtag should contain the relevant keywords that are already being used by the people on the social media.

You Need to Match Your Photo with the Right Hashtag

Make sure that your Instagram photos match the hashtags accordingly. If the photo is based on a love theme, then use the #love hashtags. On the other hand, if it is a photo is based on the travel theme, then use the hashtag – #travel, #themoment, etc.

Try Using More of Evergreen Hashtags

Evergreen hashtags are those that appear to be forever current. This can increase the chance of making the photo forever evergreen. Some of the most popular evergreen hashtags are – #tbt or #throwbackthursday or #goodmorning. These are easy to use and cut down the complications that come in the way of smooth marketing. Of course, you should not forget about the restrictions in hashtag implementation while using them.